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Resounding Success at Pool & Spa Exhibition Asia 2011
New and innovative products and technology launched at this inaugural trade show for the pool and spa industry.

BANGKOK, - The Pool & Spa Exhibition Asia 2011 was successfully concluded on 23 September 2011 at IMPACT Exhibition & Convention Centre, Bangkok. The event opened with a strong showing of local and international industry players, entrepreneurs and media.
Pool & Spa Exhibition Asia 2011 featured 89 exhibitors and brands from Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, UK and Vietnam. More than 90% of the exhibitors had very positive results from the show and indicated that they will return next year.
Mr. John Hassett, Chief Operating Officer, Informa Exhibitions Asia, in his opening address, acknowledged and thanked all sponsors, exhibitors and supporting associations, as well as the Thailand Exhibition and Convention Bureau for their invaluable support.
Ms. Supawan Teerarat, Exhibitions Director, Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau said that the show brings together and delivers business contacts for the industry throughout the region. Mr. Sombat Kurupham, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Tourism and Sports, highlighted in his speech that the tourism industry generates billions of dollars to Thailand annually and "Pool & Spa Exhibition Asia 2011 is the perfect platform for Thai as well as regional hoteliers and spa operators to search for and learn about new technology and innovation for their operations."
Showcased at the event were the latest in swimming pool and deck equipment and accessories, spa equipment and accessories as well as landscaping services and facilities. Exhibitors leveraged on Pool & Spa Exhibition Asia as the de-facto platform to announce their new services and products.
There were various activities organized for visitors and delegates. The Innovation Gallery showcased the latest and unique spectrum of products which have not been launched in Asia. Maytronics introduced their Dolphin robotic pool cleaner which comes with a new waterline scrubbing feature. PoolRx showcased their pool pump system featuring new state of the art brushless motor with a unique controller which harnesses energy from the sun.
The Pool & Spa Technology Seminars featured case studies and market insights that helped participants gain an edge over the competition. Industry experts from Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand and USA, converged together to share their insights in leading edge construction design, successful case studies in the international market, and the latest innovations and design considerations for green pools and spas. 30-year veteran Barry Justus from Canada shared his insights on Green Pool Design and Construction, and how pool owners could maximize energy efficiency in the daily maintenance of their pools. Shane Ince, Director of Aquatics Information Australia, elaborated on the four key elements in maintaining water quality in a swimming pool and how the chlorination, filtration, pH level and saturation index could affect the water quality.
The 2-day National Swimming Pool Foundation Certified Pool Operator Course was fully attended with participants from India, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore. The delegates acquired the skills and knowledge to better manage their pool and spa facilities, and successfully obtained certification as a Certified Pool Operator, after passing the written examination.
Exhibitors, delegates, industry experts and trade professionals converged to network, exchange views and update themselves on the latest industry trends and technologies at the two Networking Receptions that were held on 21 and 22 September.
The event ended on a positive note with many accolades received from exhibitors. The next edition of Pool & Spa Exhibition Asia will be held from 19 to 21 September 2012.
About Pool & Spa Exhibition Asia 2011
Pool & Spa Asia 2011 is a targeted event aimed only at those directly involved in the planning, design, build, operations, maintenance and management of pool & spa facilities. Participants will have access to important relevant sector of the market with buyer power. Organized by IIR Exhibitions Pte Ltd (part of the Informa group) and IMPACT Exhibition Management Co. Ltd, two of the leading event businesses in the region, Pool & Spa Asia 2011 is the destination for the International market, to meet and do business.
About IIR Exhibitions Pte Ltd
IIR Exhibitions Pte Ltd, established since 1973, is part of Informa Plc, the world's leading international provider of specialist information and services for the academic and scientific, professional and commercial business communities via publishing, events and performance improvement. Informa, a public listed Company quoted on the London Stock exchange and ranked amongst the FTSE-250 list, has a global network of over 150 offices in more than 45 countries employing over 9,500 staff around the world.
Informa produces over 10,000 events and training courses, 40,000 book titles and 2,000 subscription-based information services in 70 countries. Our portfolio of events comprises of conferences, exhibitions, large scale events, managed events, partner events, and seminars, covering an enormous range of subjects and serve industry sectors including aviation, agriculture, electrical & electronics, energy, entertainment, environment, food, lifestyle, healthcare, industrial, life sciences, maritime, telecommunications, travel & tourism, medical, printing, publishing, commodities, safety, security, transport & infrastructure etc.
For more information, please visit |
About IMPACT Exhibition Management Co. Ltd
IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd is the leading exhibition organiser in Thailand. IMPACT organises and manages professional trade and public exhibitions, conferences, meetings and trainings, working in hand with international trade associations, organisers and corporations across a board spectrum of industries. We create effective market platforms and offer a comprehensive range of turn-key event management solutions ranging from market research, exhibition and visitor promotion and sales, advertising and promotion, public relations, operation to on-site logistic management for exhibitions and conferences of all sizes and industries.
For more information, please visit

Media Contacts:
IIR Exhibitions Pte Ltd
Clarence Ying
DID: +65 6319 2655
IMPACT Exhibition Management Co. Ltd
Parintorn Ussawalerdpaiboon
DID: +66 28335116 


Swimming Pool Tile Suppliers
วันที่ 21/04/2017  01:45:16 AM ,ผู้เข้าชม : 1005

Swimming Pool Tile Suppliers
written by: Gong Thethreetouch

swimming pool tile

Maintaining a modest, backyard swimming pool has become common place and a source of comfort for most home owners. They invest a good amount of time and money, and take pride in getting the pool furnished with the best, uniquely designed tiles to make it more attractive. They can be used for leisure or for maintaining a daily routine to stay fit. However, with the constant use, it is important to understand when and why old swimming pool tile need to be repair. 

Adding tiles to the bottom and the sides of the pool is cost effective and easy to maintain. In addition, tiles come in a variety of shapes, colours and textures, so the home owner has a lot of options to choose from. 

Choosing the right kind of tiles for the pool ensures its durability and low maintenance cost required. Various materials are available to get the perfect tile finishing, such as the glass tile finish, stone tile, ceramic and the porcelain tile finish. 

However, nowadays, pools generally contain heavily treated water and get exposed to freezing temperatures. Hence, tiles must be manufactured exclusively for this purpose.

swimming pool tiles

Here are the two main reasons why old swimming pool tile need to be repair : 

1. From a designer aspect, the pool tile may have become outdated, associated with entirely unfashionable architectural styles. 

2. The chemicals present in the water may slowly corrode the tile as time passes or the tiles affixed to the walls might begin to loosen and fall off. In this case, simple repairs can be made before calling in a repair service. 

The professionals offer intriguing and effective designs based on the client's budget, construct and implement the design according to the agreed layout.

swimming pool tiles

Tile suppliers provide a variety of tile options that are : 

Colorful and Unique : Suppliers usually have an eclectic collection of vibrant hued tiles that are not only effectual, but also attractive to look at. 

Customisable : The client can select the tiles that suit their requirement while giving consideration to helpful options provided by the supplier. 

Cost Effective : Not only are the tiles truly stunning, the overall cost associated with fixing and installing the tiles is very affordable and true value for money. 

Ensure Safety : The high quality of the tiles honed with a polish finish and slip free solution, ensures a safe play for youngsters as well as the elderly. 

Thus, swimming pool tile suppliers provide a wide range of options to choose from and provide advice on how and why old swimming pool tile need to be repair. Hence, choosing the right supplier who provides the exact quality and type of tile to needed to refurbish a swimming pool is vital.

swimming pool tiles

Tile expansion Joint
วันที่ 22/03/2015  08:00:13 AM ,ผู้เข้าชม : 2462

Tile expansion Joint

Blezz tile

Most of the homes, offices, shopping malls and shops are now installed with tiles everywhere. Tiles are very common material for walls and floor for both exterior and interior. They are also used for wet areas like kitchen, bathroom and swimming pool. They enhance the beauty of a home, they are highly durable and lasts lifelong if properly maintained. The maintenance cost is low and it is easy to maintain. The tiles come into various design and shapes. They are easy to install and can support huge foot traffic. The tiles can be installed using tile adhesive and grouting.

Why do you need expansion joint?

In simple words the answer is expansion joints are needed to prevent the movement of the tiles, everything in the construction world moves and this movement can cause materials to fall apart. The tiles are the surface of the floor and every type of traffic takes place on it, movement joints are needed to decrease stresses that occurs between the substrate and the tile due to differing amounts of expansion and contraction. In bigger rooms, this expansion joints should be done every 15-20feet. Without this expansion joints which works as pressure-volumetric compensator, there is a high possibility that the tile may get crack and contract when temperature changes. Tile moved off the floor and sometimes cracked is often a sign that movement joints were not used sufficiently. For tile over concrete, the curing of the concrete places the tile under compression. Anyone who lives in a tiles house for more than one or two years knows how temperature can wildly affect tile from one day to another. The tile expansion joints are necessary for places where the changes every year. The expansion joints are usually available in a couple a different shapes. The purpose of different shapes are different depending on their need, the L-shape joints are typically used for walls and T-shape expansion joints are used between the tile courses. The L-shape is also needed in front of doors, where it helps to reduce the tile from cracking when the door open and closes regularly.

Movement joints are also required at all changes of plane. For example, the corners of an installation, or the transition between stair treads and risers. There is greater stress at these areas and they therefore require the use of a soft movement joint.


Type of Expansion Joint Materials:


Possibly the best type of expansion joint material that can be used is a flexible silicone or urethane sealant placed over a closed cell foam backer rod. The sealant that is used in expansion joints must achieve minimum shore strength of 35 or greater. The two-sided bond allows for highest movement of the sealant. A three-sided bond to the substrate can create a barrier the total capable movement of the flexible sealant and cause early joint cracking and disintegration. Bond breaker tape can be placed in joints that are too shallow to receive the closed cell foam backer rod. This bond breaker tape also makes provision for a two sided sealant bond. In certain cases, a suitable primer should be used in wet area conditions or when using a porous finish material.

Expansion joint strips are also available and can be used in many applications. An advantage to these expansion joint strips is that they protect the exposed tile edge better than the sealants. However, a disadvantage to the strips is that they do not allow for full joint movement as do the sealant joints. Some of these strips are composed of very strong plastic or metal and are not as flexible as the sealant joint. If they are used, it may be a good idea to increase the frequency of placement and/or allow for a wider space when they are placed

Conclusion of tile expansion joint

If you are working on flooring project for your home or any room, where you may think you do not need expansion or there is no space for joints then again you should install an expansion joint. Make a good calculation of everything when you install tile, a good calculation and proper installation will allow you to enjoy your floor for longer years. You can also consult with a tile expert regarding the whole matter to get good suggestions.

In summary, every tile installation should allow for movement. Skillfully and properly designed installations, where expansion and contraction do not create shear forces, should have no problem for the tile to stay well adhered.

Tile Installation Cost
วันที่ 22/03/2015  07:56:21 AM ,ผู้เข้าชม : 2584

Tile Installation Cost

With today's advance technology it is easy for manufacturers to produce many new tile designs and versatility for both homeowners and commercial facilities. You can install tile in every corner of your home and commercial spaces. Tiles serve equally for both wall and floor. If you have never used tile before or you have used it long before, you will be amazed at the wide selection of colors, sizes, shapes and new textures that are now available in modern tiles.

tiles installation

People are preferring tiles over every other thing. Tiles are great choice and it comes with so many advantages that it is impossible to say no to tiles. Some characteristics of tile are:

  • Durable – Tiles are extremely durable, a properly installed tile will outperform and last nearly any other floor covering product created for the same application.
  • Easy care - Tile are resistant to stains, odors, moisture and dirt and can be cleaned up with a wet mop or sponge or common household cleaners such as detergent powder or soap. This simple maintenance is good enough for tiles to shine like new. The easy maintenance has made it easy for everyone to enhance the beauty of their home with tile.
  • Scratch resistant – Tiles of grade II and Grade III are extremely resistant to scratching and you will never have to worry about a tear, you usually worry a lot for this type of problem for other type of floors.
  • Environmentally friendly - Tile is manufactured using natural materials which is clay and does not retain odors, breeds germs, allergens, or bacteria.
  • Beautiful and Versatile – Modern tile manufacturing technology has created virtually an endless number of choices for colors, sizes, styles, shapes, and textures that will add rich beauty and level to any room decor.
  • Fire Resistant – Another great feature of tile is that it doesn't burn nor emit toxic fumes. A lighted cigarette, if dropped on the tile floor will not do any damage to the floor. Even hot kitchen pans of the continuous heat of the stove will not scorch or melt the surface of tile.
  • Water Resistant – Tile are water resistant because it has a dense body which permits little or no accumulation of liquid. Which makes them extremely suitable for wet areas like kitchen and bathroom. Tiles are also popular choice for swimming pool.

So it is very clear now that why people are moving towards tile so much. It is the number one choice for everyone when they think of flooring. Another great feature of tile is the price. With so many great feature and durability you may think tiles are expensive, but the amazing fact is they are affordable and anyone can actually afford to install tiles for their flooring purposes. Tile installation cost is usually calculated accounting 200 ft2 minimum job order. Smaller projects for smaller home or a room are prices a little higher rate and won’t be quoted as tile installation cost per square foot. Difference is tile installation cost is due to size of room, size and quality of the tile. Due to distinction variations in work complexity and diversity in dimensions as well as materials tile made of tile settler will issue an itemized estimate with detailed cost analysis only after onsite inspection.

The cost of tile installation can range in price starting from one dollar per square foot to hundreds or thousands of dollars per square foot depending on the tile material and style you choose.  With such a wide price range it is easy to get a price for everyone's budget. 

Depending on the size of the area you are buying the tile for, your cost for other materials could range from a hundred dollars for the general glazed ceramic tile or can be priced thousands if you're looking at using a porcelain or stone type of tile. Porcelain tiles can mimic the look of real stone for an affordable rate per square foot. Glazed ceramic tile cost higher per square foot, depending on size unglazed tile cost a little than glazed tiles. While most mid-range homeowners looks for the less expensive glazed ceramic tile, there are also some homeowners who want to create a classic design which is like one of a kind room and they prefer the more expensive and costly type of tile. Mosaics tile cost quite a bit more for custom designs and special orders.

If you are renovating on a budget, which usually many homeowners prefer, you have the option of choosing a less expensive tile along with a few higher price tiles as accent pieces.  Once you have decided on your tile and have created your budget, you will need to remove any existing floor covering where the new tile will be placed. Any imperfection or mistake during your tile installation can increase the cost as it will require correction. So it is very important to be careful while you install tile.

Cotto Thailand
วันที่ 07/03/2015  16:04:39 PM ,ผู้เข้าชม : 3913

Cotto Thailand ( Review the overview of cotto product )

We spend a big part of our life in our home. We give high effort and spend a lot of money to make that home look beautiful. A beautiful home doesn’t only enhance the beauty of your interior but also make you happy from inside and thus give a satisfied life of living in a well decorated home. When you think of building a home or redecorating it, you always try to get the best product for your home. High quality product has higher lifespan, serves better and a true value for money. Once you use this kid of product you get the compliment of it always and enjoy the brand new look of your home even after using them for years. Choosing the right kind of product is really hard and takes a lot of time. For example, if you are thinking of installing tiles on your floor, you would go through 100 hundred of companies in the market. And at the end of the day you will end up being confused which one to choose. And moreover most of the companies can’t provide you a complete solution for all types of tiles. Cotto Thailand is a established company who are manufacturing world-class tiles and sanitary wear. There varieties of tiles collection are suitable for flooring, kitchen, bathroom, wall covering, swimming pool and others.  The qualities of tiles are different for different kind of purposes, and characterized in that way to fit for different purposes accordingly.

They have a accessories to complete a bathroom with huge range of collection in designs. There bathroom accessories provide basin, bathtub, shower tray, urinal and bidet, shower enclosure, shower room, mirror, faucet, flush valve and other fitting accessories. They maintain high class standard for every product.. The luxurious designs are a signature style of Cotto Thailand which promises to make your bathroom even more beautiful to its owner.

They also provide excellent quality of tiles for your floors and a complete solution for your kitchen. They have kitchen set and other kitchen product. They also provide fixing materials like tile grout, tile adhesive and other solution tile solutions for your home. When you choose Cotto Thailand for your tile project, it is that one stop place from you will get all your desired tile for your whole home including other support.

The qualities of time that you will get Cotto Thailand are:

·         Ceramic tile: It is a popular tile amongst almost every house owner. They are easy to install, easy to clean and are highly durable. Good fit for both wall and floors. Cotto Thailand offer various design on ceramic tile from where you can choose the best one for your home.  They are also suitable for bathroom use and are proof and sturdy. Ceramic tiles are true value for money and with Cotto they have got a signature design.

·         Mosaic tile: you can use Cotto mosaic tile for all purpose. They are highly durable and affordable at price. You can enjoy mosaic tiles for many years if you maintain proper cleanliness. Suitable for wall, floor and outdoor uses.

·         Glass tile: Highly durable glass tiles add beauty to every place where they are installed. They are beautiful and perfect for bathroom, kitchen and swimming pool. The prices of glass tiles are a bit higher than other tiles.

·         Porcelain mosaic tile: Porcelain mosaic tiles at Cotto Thailand are baked at high temperatures. Porcelain mosaic tiles be used to cover walls, ceilings, countertops, showers and backsplashes. Porcelain mosaic tiles are highly durable and have lower moisture content and are less likely to crack due to freezing.

Cotto Thailand is a reputed and trusted name in the industry. They are continuously upgrading their designs and working vast on  the field of flooring to deliver you good quality tiles like always.

China floor tiles; is it good for your home?
วันที่ 17/12/2014  10:27:59 AM ,ผู้เข้าชม : 1831

 China floor tiles; is it good for your home?

This is a question that runs through the minds of many home owners when they think of decorating the floor of the house. This is due to the lack of enough information on various types of tiles, China floor tiles been among them. Therefore, the following paragraphs have some of the points that will help a customer answer the above question. In the long run, one will be able to raise the value of the China floor tiles.


They have a long life span. They are highly durable because of the heavy duty material that has been used in their manufacture. They customer will be able to save on the maintenance because the will last for long. The difficulty for repairing the tiles will be reduced as compared to other kinds of tiles. If one is looking for durable tiles, china make is the best to purchase.

china tile

They are water resistant. Tiles that absorb water molecules are not efficient in the house. This is because the floor is usually cleansed with water and the tiles should be able to resist water absorption. The water resilient aspect will allow the China tiles to last for a long period of time without cracking. They will be suitable for all the floors in the house even the washroom surfaces can still be decorated with these tiles.

china tile

They have cool colors that will be able to blend with several assets in the house. The client will have all the decorations sorted at once since the tiles have awesome colors. Also, one is able to select the suitable patterns that meet the desire of the home owner. They are several designs that are able to fit different floors. One is able to select from the variety. While choosing, the customer can find out more from the specialists on a suitable style to purchase.


The China floor tiles are able to withstand extreme cold temperatures. They are the best to use in houses that lie within geographical locations that experience winter seasons. The cold temperatures usually cause high pressure on the floor and sometime it can be extreme causing some cracks in the tiles. These China tiles are effective because they are strong enough to withstand the fluctuating climatic conditions.

china tile

They are suitable for the exterior finishing of the house. They are multipurpose and can be used to decorate the external parts of the house. The interior decoration can still flow simultaneous to the surrounding compound of the apartment. They can suit to be used on the flower beds and enhancing the beauty of the pavements. Therefore the home owner has a wide range of usage of the tiles during decorating the house.


They are easy to cut and to shape them. While fitting the tiles of the surfaces, there is need to trim them so that they can assume the corners of the house. As the installation reaches the walls there is need to cut them so that they can fit well. Leaving spaces in between the tiles makes them to look ugly. Therefore, the material is lightweight enough to allow easy trimming without cracking the tiles.


It brings out the traditional essence of the house. The China floor tiles have been manufactured with the original taste of the Chinese culture. They are unique and of high quality that is able to last for a long period of time. Therefore, the client will not have to buy a lot of decors on the surface since they are beautiful in their natural color. This makes the restoration of the apartment economical.


They are safe to use in the house. They provide a firm grip for the feet while walking. Children will be safe as they play on the floor. Slippery floors are usually unsafe because one can easily tip and fall. Physical damage makes one to be uncomfortable and not able to carry out the daily activities. Surfaces that provide grip for the feet are highly recommended for the household decoration. The China tiles provide this safety in the rooms.

china tile

They are easy to maintain. They hardly form stains since they are resistant to formation of permanent marks that are difficult to clean. The floor can be easily wiped with a moist piece of cloth to remove the dirtiness. The cleaning process usually takes few minutes. The China tiles do not fade away with the continuous usage of soaps while washing the surfaces. Thus, the home owner is certain of a long lasting original color. 

Benefits of Tiles Capes Latest Trend in Tile and Stone
วันที่ 13/12/2014  09:15:50 AM ,ผู้เข้าชม : 1597

Benefits of Tiles Capes Latest Trend in Tile and Stone


In the recent past, latest types of tiles have been trending in the market. This is due to the progress that has occurred in the production industry. The tiles and stones are suitable to use them in decorating the house; both the interior and the compound. The home owner can use them altogether so as to improve the appearances of the floors. The following are some of the benefits of using the latest trend for decorating the surfaces.

wood tile

The stones bring out the aspect of a natural environment. The natural color is beautiful in its nature and one will not have to apply paints. This helps in reducing the cost of expenditure. They are of several colors and one can use a mixture of them as a form of decoration. They are stress-free to install and they do not take much time to be completed. The fact that they blend well with the natural environment makes them to fit the exterior of the house.


They have unique designs that are new in the market. Most people prefer scarce items to common ones. This is because everyone wants to feel good about the products bought. Thus, the latest trend tiles and stones have rare patterns. The home owner will be able to choose the desired design and install them in the floors of the house. The trendy products will be able to satisfy the needs of the clients.

antique tile

The stones last for long. They are able to withstand harsh climatic conditions. They are neither weathered by the sun rays nor are they affected by the rain water. Exposing them to the environmental factors does not affect their durability. They can be used to decorate the pavements in the compound. Also, they can be used for form borders in a garden to help contain the soil particles in the grass level. It makes the compound to look organized.


Bright colored tiles make the room to appear bigger and spacious. Well-fixed tiles on the walls and the floors make them to look bigger and it makes the house to be cozy. The bright colors reflect the sun lights making the room to be full of live. A home owner needs to put the colorful tiles and the home will be lively at all times. The client should ensure that the colors and patterns chosen match with the entire assets of the house. Like the curtains and the floor mats.

antique tile

They are economical. The customer will be able to get finest tiles and stones from the market at affordable prices. Cost effective products are beneficial. This is because one is able to save on expenditure and to install long lasting products. A suitable financial plan will suit the home decoration items and the customer will be able to clear the bills efficiently. Since the tiles are life long, one will be able to save on the maintenance costs.


A dump clothe is able to wipe off dirt on the tiled surfaces. They tiles are smooth and do not get stains from the spilling of liquids and solid food. Thus, the cleaning is easy and it takes that shortest period of time. Cleanliness is important since it helps to maintain the natural color of the surfaces. Dusting the floors help in keeping the wind circulating in the house clean.


The home owner can cover the tiled floor with carpets that blend with the patterns on the floor. The carpets help in keeping the room warm and comfortable. This is because the floor sometimes can become so cold at night. The mats will help in keeping the legs warm and still enhance the house decoration. Thus the trendy covers are flexible enough to be blended with other decorations in the home.

antique tile

They are safe to use in wet areas. They will prevent one from slipping that may lead to physical hurting of the body. The coarseness of the stones provides the grip for the feet hence one can walk comfortably. Glassy floors are unsafe since one can easily slip and fall. These trend tiles capes are safe to install them on the floors of the compound.


They involve simple tasks during decorating the house. They are less tedious and the worker will be able to finish the work within a short time. The construction materials used to join the pieces usually dry so fast allowing the user to use them. One will not have to wait for many days for it to dry and to stick well. Thus the in house renovation is made easier.







Benefits of Geometric Floor Tile
วันที่ 13/12/2014  09:14:17 AM ,ผู้เข้าชม : 1656

 Benefits of Geometric Floor Tile

 blezz tile

The geometric floor tiles are considered to be an old style of ornamenting the house. They were been produced many years before the technology advanced that led to evolvement in this industry. Even though they are been considered as old fashion, it does not make them to be weaker. They still have great impression when used to improve the surface appearance of the house. They are of numerous figures and design that suit the different preferences from the customers.


They are durable. They have a long life span due to the material that has been used to make them. The composition includes the use of natural raw materials that form firm products. The tiles have a sluggish rate of tearing hence making them to endure friction that is caused when walking on the floor. The durability helps in reducing the maintenance expenses since the geometric tiles are strong.


They suit various surfaces in the house. They can be used to enhance the cooking surfaces, passages, lavatories and the entire floor in the house. A customer should not worry about the compatibility of these tiles because they can be used in several areas. The client will be able to buy the models and patterns that are of preference so to improve the interior look of the home.


They are affordable. A home owner will get the finest designs at pocket friendly prices. This is because one needs to work within the drafted budget so to be able to clear the bills on time. Buying the tiles in whole sale is more economical because the supplier will always give discounts to the customer. This makes the client to save on the expenditure and to channel the extra resources in improving other sectors.


They are easy to clean. Hygiene is a factor to be considered. It is because the surfaces should be regularly cleaned to prevent bacterial infections. Also, it is important to preserve the unique color of the floor so that they can continue to look good. Buildup of dirt makes the color to be dark hence not reflecting enough light in the house. Thus, with the geometric tiles, it will be easy to clean them since it is easy to wipe off dust and other particles.


The installation process is simple. The shapes of the tiles are simple and one can easily fix and match the desired pattern. The simplicity of the installation makes it to take the shortest time possible to be through with the fixation. Thus, the home owner will be able to enjoy staying in a renovated house that is good looking.


They are less bulky. They require minimal space to store while carrying out the floor making. The customer should not worry about where to keep them, a proper space will do. They are appropriate especially when renovating the house. A good arrangement will occupy a small space in the store room and still be accessible.

blezz tile

They have a long term warranty. The guarantee is beneficial because the supplier will be able to take care of the maintenance expenses. This gives a life time insurance of the products to the user. Also, the customer is able to claim for the losses made during transportation. Therefore the insurance will shield the customer from incurring losses.


They require less construction material. This makes the whole project to cost less as compared to using other types of tiles. Customers should use the geometric tiles for decorating the floor because they are cost effective. The affordability makes one easy to foot in for the budget and in return to get a cozy house. Also one feels good when saving on expenditure and using the resources in other projects.


The geometric tiles are diverse. The home owner can choose designs that are unique. There are no limits on the shapes and patterns. The diversity helps the client to go for the desired shape and pattern that will suit the entire house. Getting a color blending tiles is easy. Thus, the home owner will be able to choose those that will blend will the interior assets.


They are suitable for decorating the pavements that run through the compound of the house. They balance well with the usual environment. The tiles will ensure that the soil remains within the grass keeping the pavement free of sand particles. This helps in ornamenting the compound and making it to look bright and beautiful.  These tiles are the best for home owners because they have a wide scope of uses. 

10 tips for choosing bathroom tiles
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 10 tips for choosing bathroom tiles

 Bathroom Tiles Swimming Pool Antique

Home owners should consider the following guidelines when choosing bathroom tiles. The tips are modest and will assist one in choosing the finest tiles that will satisfy the needs of the customer. This is for keeping the bathroom in good condition every day. Above all, the individual preference will determine the designs and patterns to buy.


One should consider the easiness of cleaning the tiles. The bathroom is a room which is regularly used and it should be regularly be clean. The floor should not be storing dirt that can cause stains that are difficult to scrub. It is good to consider the tiles that have smaller number of curves. It is in those curves that dirt accumulates since they are invisible while cleaning. Relatively flat floors are easy to clean and to remove the dirt.

Bathroom Antique Tiles

The tiles to be installed in the bathroom should be able to blend with the other assets in the room. The assets are like the door rugs and the surrounding colors. Some colors can be color blocked and they will improve the exterior of the room. While others need shade matches so that they can blend well. Thus, the home owner should consider the colors that will blend with the existing strictures in the house.


Knowing the floor area will help in buying the tiles that will fit the bathroom. The tiles fragments are usually measured in square units. Hence, the area of the room will help in calculating the number of sets that need to be bought. It will help the home owner to buy them in wholesale instead of buying one set at a time which is generally expensive. Thus, one will be able to support the whole budget.

Bathroom wood antique swimming pool tiles

Choose the types that will provide grip while bathing. The soapy water can be risky on glassy floor and one can easily slide and fall. The stony tiles are effective because they will be able to offer grasp and one will be stable while walking on them. Also, the slates should be permitting the water to flow out and not to store the water. This becomes difficult to keep on draining out the water.


Consider the tiles that have a water resistant layer. Floors that absorb water molecules do not last for long because they are vulnerable to cracking. Water proof floors are the most efficient because a lot of water is used in the bathroom. The water will drain out easily and the floor will be drying so fast once one finishes bathing. The excess moisture will be continuously regulated making the room to look clean and organized.


Sticking within the drafted budget is important. The home owner should buy tiles at prices that are within the budget. Mark that; the value of the goods should not be ignored in the name of buying cheap products. The customer should compare the prices from several producers. So to select one who sells quality products at affordable prices. Thus, one will be in a position to enjoy bathing on durable floor at all times.

Bathroom antique swimming pool tiles

Check the durability of the tiles. The material that has been used to manufacture these products plays a big role in determining their strength. The home owner should set up structures that will last for long so as to cut on the maintenance expenses. Regular repairing of worn out floors is tiresome and expensive. But the tiles that have been made from the natural material are able to resist wearing out hence last for long.


Buying the products from a long term established manufacturer is important. They have been able to maintain the quality standard of production over the years. This reassures the client of buying tiles that are suitable for the bathroom and of good quality. This is because the bathroom is an area that a lot of water is used and they should be made in way that they adopt to such environments. The old suppliers have modified floor covers that will withstand the wearing out that are caused by water.


Consider installing tiles that have bright colors. They help in improving the appearance of the bathroom and make it to appear spacious. Dark colored tiles do not reflect much light in the interior zones making the room to look small. The customer should think of matching the existing colors with the new tiles. Also the patterns the floor should be according to the preference of the owner. They are produced in several designs and the customer is able to select the desired model.




How to Calculate Floor area For Tiles
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How to Calculate Floor area For Tiles

When purchasing tiles for your floor estimating the number of tiles required can be a daunting task especially if your floor area is not a square or a rectangle.

This is heightened by the fact that most tiles come in dimensions

of 2” x 2”, 4” x 4”, 6” x 6 “, 9” x 9”, 12”x 12” and 18” x 18” square inches though there are other variations depending on the manufacturer and consumer taste.

Similarly, it is no doubt that not all your rooms will conform to perfect squares or rectangles and you therefore have to be sure how you will find out how many tiles you need for the job. 

Before we delve deep into the whole concept of measuring floor area and tiles, let us take a look at some of the measuring units that are necessary for floor area measurement and how they relate to each other.

How to Calculate Floor area For Tiles

1m = 100 cm = 3.2808 feet = 39.370 inches

1 square meter = 10000 square cm = 10.7639 square feet =1,550 square inches


Do not worry about the decimal points, we will show you how to approximate your floor area tile without cracking your calculator. Furthermore, it is important to note that you need to buy a few extra tiles for cutting allowances.


What you Need

Before you begin this exercise you will need; a pen (or pencil), a measuring tape, and a calculator. You may also need someone to hold the tape for you on the other end.


Step 1; Calculate the Area of the Room

This is the most important step of any tiling exercise. You need to be certain of what area you want to place tiles, and then calculate the area of that space. If your room has wardrobes and other places that may not need tiles you can reduce that are by calculating the area of the smaller region and subtracting from the total are you calculated initially.

How to find area of a square and a rectangle 


Measure the two sides of the floor in centimeters or meters, the longest side is called length (denoted by L), and the shorter side is called width (denoted by W). For a square both length and width are equal.


Multiply the two sizes. I.e.


L X W = area of the room

How to Calculate Floor area For Tiles

How to find the area of a circle


If you have a circular room you want to tile then here is how to find the area of the room. 


Measure the diameter of the room in centimeters; the diameter is the length of any straight line that passes through the centre of the room and touches the ends of the room.


The area of a circle if given by the formula 3.14 x r x r; where R is half of the diameter. If you find this irritating you can divide the house into rectangles and calculate the area of each rectangle and add the resulting areas to get one area of the room.


How to measure the area of a triangle


To find the area of a triangle, use the formula;


(Base x height) divided by 2. The base is one length of the triangle while the height is the length of the triangles head from a 90 degree point on the base length.




For other floor area shapes, divide the floor area into several squares or triangles and calculate the respective areas of the rectangles. Then add all the resulting areas into one figure and you would have approximated the area of the floor area.


Once you have the size of the room, write it down neatly since you will be using it again in consecutive steps.

Step 2; calculate the area of each tile

Measure the length and width of the type tile you want to buy for you floor. Usually, tiles come in standard square lengths as mentioned above.


So here is a quick calculation of each of the tiles.



1"x1" = 1” squared


2"x2" = 4” squared


3"x3" = 9” squared


4"x4" = 16”squared


6"x 6" = 36” squared


8"x 8" = 64” squared 

2"x4" = 8” squared


2"x8" = 16” squared


4"x 8" = 32” squared


60 x 60 cm = 3600 cm square (granite tile)


Using the inches to meters converter described above, you can convert the area of your floor into square inches so that you have a solid measuring to work with.


For example if your room measure 15 m by 10 meters; then the area of your room is 150sqm or 1615 square feet or 232500 square inches.




Step 3; Estimate the number of Tiles you need for each Room

The next step will be to identify how many tiles will fit into the room perfectly. However, at this point it is important to note that while every measure is taken to ensure you get a perfect measure of the number of tiles needed for a room, they are just approximations and you need to add between 5-15 % more tiles to cater for breakages and shortage. 


This means that the number of tiles required will be equals to; area of the room + waste.




Since you have the area of the room and the size of the tiles, divide the area of the room with the area of the size of the tile and you will get the number of tiles needed.



 Pool Tiles

Let us look at an example of a room with length 20 and width 10m


Area of 200sqm = 2152 square feet = 310000 square inches


200sqm will use 1”x 1” tiles as = approx. 310,000 tiles + waste


200sqm will use 2” x 2” tiles as = approx 77,500 tiles +waste


200sqm will use 3” x 3” tiles as = approx. 34445 tiles + waste


200sqm will use 4” x 4” tiles as = approx. 19375 tiles + waste


200sqm will use 6” x 6” tiles as = approx 8611 tiles + waste


200sqm will use 8” x 8” tiles as = approx 4844 tiles + waste


200sqm will use 2”x 4” tiles as = approx. 38750 tiles + waste


200sqm will use 2” x 8” tiles as = approx. 19375 tiles + waste


200sqm will use 4” x 8” tiles as= approx. 9699 tiles + waste


200sqm will use 60cm x 60 cm tiles as = approx. 556 tiles + waste




Bottom Line

While it may not be easy to understand how to calculate floor area for tiles by yourself, you can always contact a professional to do it for you. Similarly, using a professional minimizes the number of wastage tiles during installation.


Be sure to add about 5%-15% extra tiles beyond the approximated tiles so that you do not run out of them during the process. Finally ensure you use enough grout to hold the tiles firmly on the floor.



pool tile company
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Pool tile company

Blezz is the Pool tile company of Thailand

Contact us at :

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Blezz Tile

Pool tile company

You have spent most or half of your life saving up money so that you can finally build yourself the house of your childhood dreams, A big beautiful house that will be the envy of everyone who comes across it. The best contractors have built the house for you but on the finishing, you want to have your own ides put into consideration. Tiled floors and walls have always been your dream and that is what you want in you new house. At your backyard, you decide you want to have a swimming pool around for relaxing during hot and sunny spring or for holding backyard parties.

Sample of blezz tile
Pool tile company

To have a beautiful Pool, you have to use quality materials one of them being the tiling. To get the best tiles, one needs to get the best pool tile company to have them supply the tiles for both the house and the swimming pool. Swimming pools are not necessarily for the house only but we have big beautiful hotel having pools as an attraction. When this hotels are being built or renovated, they will also need to get the best pool tile company to supply them with the tile and what better place to go to than to Blezztile tile makers who are based in Thailand.

Blezz Tile Reports

Pool Tile company

They are simply the best because their tiles have very unique features which you will not find with any other tile company.

First, their tiles are of a very high quality in terms of the making, their tiles are durable and can last for a very long time without cracking or breaking because during their manufacture, they undergo heating at very high temperatures between 1200 and 1300 degrees Celsius. These temperatures ensure that the tiles are hard enough to last for a longer time than any other tiles.

Pool tile company 

Another noticeable feature is that they have a wide variety of tiles ranging from stone look, gloss, glass and mosaic tiles and this will give the customer a choice to choose their preference. They also make them in a variety of sizes, colors, patterns and designs. With all these different features, the buyer can go for the colors of their choice or the design they see looking best for their house or pool.

pool tile company

Blezztile tiles are the best for all weather seasons, for the cold weather, their tiles are frost proof and for the wet season, their tiles are water and stain proof hence whether they are being used in the house or the pool, one can be guaranteed of not having tile crack due to weather changes. Their tiles are environmental friendly and non toxic and their water absorption rate is almost zero percent.

pool tile company

If you are satisfied with all the features, you can take samples and take to your house to see how they will look on your inner and outdoor décor, you can also ask around for opinions from friends and family to get the best look.

If you want the best, Blezztiles are the tiles to get because you can be guaranteed of having natural looking tiles with natural colors that will bring out the best look for you pool or bathroom or kitchen or any other areas in the house.

pool tile company

Pool & Spa Exhibition Asia 2011
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Pool & Spa Exhibition Asia 2011

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