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Blezz Antique Tiles

Blezz Antique Tiles

Antique Tile

Antique designs are highly valuable for its unique art and historical value. It is an ancient art that is created on an object for beautification. Many people love antique design and want to decorate their homes with ancient art.

Earlier these antique designs were created on cement material, wood and other objects. Antique design on cement materials were used to enhance the beauty of interior and exterior of homes. Cement flooring has no demand nowadays due to its many disadvantages.

People have moved to tiles flooring for its many benefits that it offers to its homeowners. Cement based flooring products are prone to cracking, the substrate of the cement floor cracks easily. Once cracked the substrates vibrate and cracks further over time and the substrate often fluctuates due to wide temperature change.

Due to these disadvantages people have moved to tiles flooring, but still people loved the antique design that was once done in cement flooring.

Blezz antique tile has created a unique solution to fulfill your dreamto decorate your home with ancient design. They have developed their unique antique pattern on porcelain tiles, on terracotta and also on glass mosaic. When this design were on cement materials it was only used in indoor and dry areas, but tiles allow you to use it everywhere.

Blezz is a reputed and trusted name in tile industry that has been providing quality tiles to its customer over 20 years. They have brought varieties of antique designs on different form of tiles to let you decorate your home with your own taste.

Amongst the hundreds of designs it is an obvious that you will find your desired one easily. They are not only providing unique antique design to you but also the best quality of tiles that will fit your floors for years after years.

Why should you choose antique design on tile?

As you already know the disadvantages of cement flooring, so no matter how nice the designs are you won’t want it on your home for flooring. The best convenient option is to choose tiles for flooring; Blezz offers you that same antique design on their tiles which allows you to decorate your home with an ancient theme.  Let’s know the more about porcelain tiles, terracotta and glass mosaic tiles on which they design the antique pattern.

Porcelain tiles are the ceramic tiles that can be glazed or unglazed. Porcelain tiles are incredibly strong and durable; they are extremely scratch proof, heat resistant, frost proof and stain proof. These tiles have a very low absorbency rate which means they will not absorb moisture that easily. Porcelain tiles are easy to maintain and easy to clean. You can install porcelain tiles on both walls and floor and for any corner of your home. You can install it for rooms, bathroom and kitchen. You can also install it for the busiest place of your home; it will last the test of time in the high traffic areas and give you the comfort of long run satisfaction. There are many sizes and shapes available for almost every type of design. You can choose antique designed porcelain tiles for every place of your home.

Terracotta is also a kind of clay-based ceramic, made both from glazed and unglazed ceramic, that is produced into different sizes and shapes. The terracotta need good maintenance and care for long lasting wear. Blezz offers antique design also on terracotta which you can choose both for flooring and for your walls.

Glass tiles are great choice to many people nowadays. People are choosing glass tiles over every other tile. Glass tiles are a great solution to bring luxurious look at your home. They look great on every place and it comes into many shapes and sizes. The specialty of glass tile is the reflection of lights which bounces off the. Glass tiles offers you more design choice when it come to Blezz antique tiles. Glass tiles come in many variation and color. Glass tiles are very strong and durable, once installed they last for many years. Glass tiles have low absorbency rate which means they don’t absorb water at all. They are easy to clean and maintain. Glass tiles can be highly decorated and antique design adds addition beauty on it. You can install it anywhere you want. They fit for all places and last for many years.

antique tile

Blezz antique tile make sure you get long lasting quality tile for your home. The design of their antique design is incredibly beautiful with reasonable price.  They screen by hand color by color and glazed with their special layers for third firing process.

Their tiles are not only strong and durable but environmental friendly products with unique antique design to give your place an amazing look. They prefer providing the perfect material and true antique design for you. They work hard to reach the goal of customer’s satisfaction and never compromise with quality.






Granito Antique Tilesarticle

We are the first innovator and manufacturer 
of antique patten on Porcelain (Granito) tiles in Thailand.

Cement Antique TilesCement Antique Tilesarticle

These are some of our projects in Thailand use our cement antique tiles

Process of Produce Antique Tilesarticle

รายละเอียดสินค้าโดยย่อ ก่อนดูรายละเอียดทั้งหมดที่อยู่ด้านใน

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